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Recomend Strong Ebooks

One Soldier's Story: A Memoir Ebook Download Pdf

One Soldier's Story: A Memoir ebook

One Soldier's Story: A Memoir Ebook

 By Bob Dole

 Language: English

 Publish Year : 2005


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E-Book review:

From Publishers Weekly

This affecting memoir chronicles the Republican senator's arduous coming of age through the early 1950s. After a poor but for him idyllic childhood in Russell, Kans., Dole arrived at college and then the army during World War II a sunny, callow young man; his letters home—many reprinted here—are preoccupied with Mom's cooking, college sports and fraternity hijinks. The story darkens and deepens when he is sent to Italy and, near the end of the war, gravely wounded by a German shell blast that leaves him all but paralyzed with spinal cord damage and a maimed shoulder. The bulk of the book is taken up with Dole's agonizing three-year convalescence. His restrained but poignant account details his painfully slow struggle to regain the use of his legs and arms, the strain put on his family by his physical helplessness and his reluctant coming to terms with the ruin of his once handsome and athletic body. The book is very much a political autobiography, full of tributes to faith, family and hard work, but the harrowing experiences that put these ideals to the test elevate Dole's memoir above mere boilerplate. Photos. (Apr. 12)


Last year, the public was treated to the degrading spectacle of the military careers of two presidential candidates being kicked around as a political football. So readers will find Dole's account of his service in World War II refreshing, sometimes grim, but consistently inspiring. Dole served in the Senate for 27 years and was the Republican candidate for president in 1996. Here he describes his Depression-era boyhood in Russell, Kansas. He began college at the University of Kansas, where he excelled as an athlete and hoped to study medicine. After Pearl Harbor, Dole began his military service. As a raw second lieutenant in the 10th Mountain Division, he led an eclectic group that included world-class skiers, forest rangers, and cowboys. Two weeks before the end of the war, Dole was severely wounded; he describes in grueling detail his three-year struggle to recover from his injuries. He is not a gifted writer--his prose is often stilted, and he resorts too easily to cliches. Yet his bravery, guts, and determination shine through, and he conveys his personal story without a hint of self-pity or self-aggrandizement. Those who subscribe to the "greatest generation" theory will find confirmation in Dole's account of his service, suffering, and triumph. Jay Freeman
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